Private Equity / Seed Capital

Greyfriars Investments Greyfriars has deep and active experience in structuring and managing private equity companies through their growth cycle; both at a fund and an entity level; and by acting as an advisor both to corporates and investors.

This experience stretches across the spectrum of private equity exposure. At one end assessing and diligenceing the merits of passive minority stakes in multiple “start-up” opportunities, through to supporting clients in taking controlling stakes in high-growth potential companies and taking a hands on role in their management, development and exit.

While sector agnostic and opportunity focussed, our key areas of interest are Fintech and Healthtech.

Key Highlights

Fintech: Lead Investor
  • This company was formed in 2013 to develop a proprietary electronic payments platform that would deliver its users market leading levels of security and control. Greyfriars’ client took a minority position shortly after formation.
  • In 2017 Greyfriars facilitated its client securing a controlling position in the company alongside the provision of an equity funding package and a wholesale change in executive management to properly exploit the opportunity.
  • This led the company to develop its pioneering and award winning “rules-based payment engine” providing users with unprecedented control over payment flows and information.
  • This industrial strength, payment orchestration platform is a powerfully disruptive technology with the potential to deliver significant value for its investors and customers.
  • Strong multinational customer engagement as well as a signed technology partnership with Worldline, the global payments powerhouse, provides a sturdy platform for rapid revenue growth and value creation.
Medtech: Seed Capital
  • One of the earliest investors in a company established with a purpose to revolutionise the efficiency of medical reporting for patients, GP surgeries, and 3rd parties.
  • Creating a virtuous circle of releasing productive GP capacity, minimising costs and enhancing revenue opportunities.
  • The technology enables its clients to submit digital instructions for medical information and receive digital, secure, GDPR-compliant reports.
  • This automation allows GP practices to deliver tailored reports accurately and efficiently, saving time and cost.