Investment Strategy

Greyfriars Investments Greyfriars Investments follow a patient capital strategy designed to optimise investor returns. Investing in businesses at various stages in their evolution, across a number of sectors including Technology, Real Estate, Energy, Hospitality & Healthcare.

This Direct Investment strategy is underpinned by our key skillset in identifying and backing proven management teams.

We invest significant time getting to know the management team and their business; understanding how they work, what challenges they face and the future potential of their business. Within the team there is considerable NXD experience across the key sectors which is used to support and add value to our investments.

We seek to structure flexible investment packages which meet the needs of the business whilst addressing the requirements of Investors.
Once placed, investments are proactively managed to optimise value for the Investor, whilst working closely with the business to address any ‘bumps in the road’ in delivering strategy, which happen to emerge.

The team’s access to a broad and consistent flow of investment opportunities, generated by its deep contact base across industry and the advisory community, also supports its indirect investment strategy. Sifting opportunities to identify attractive products or management teams. This strategy is further supported by a dedicated internal resource focused on the listed sector and fund investment opportunities.

Within the team there is considerable main board / NXD experience, which is used to support and add value to our investment proposition.



We are an investment and advisory group that is both opportunity led and stage agnostic but retains a strong culture of risk assessment and management.



Our unique insight into markets is key to our success. We share our considerable knowledge to better help our clients improve their investment returns.



We have invested across a range of sectors including Real Estate Investment & Development, Strategic Land, Alternative Energy and Private Equity / Seed Capital.



Get in touch with and find out more about Greyfriars Investments. We are flexible in our approach to sector, product and hold period.