Environmental, Social & Governance

Our Commitment

Greyfriars Investments Greyfriars Investments recognises the need to properly balance pure criteria of delivering economic growth and investment returns with ensuring that full consideration is given to social and environmental impacts.

As such the team is vigilant in making sure our projects continue to satisfy our policies for social, environmental, and economic sustainability whilst meeting our ongoing governance criteria

Investing is not strictly about return. Any project we undertake is pursued with the intention that, once matured, it will generate a positive externality on society, whether that be our local community here in Edinburgh, the wider UK, or internationally in Africa or Asia.

We have zero appetite for investment in industries that we believe to be harmful to society.

Our ESG policies form a key component of our investment process. From inception to exit we constantly monitor and effectively manage our investments to ensure that we deliver positive social and economic outcomes.


At Greyfriars, we are under no illusion of the threat climate change presents to the world. Based in Edinburgh; the surrounding hills and countryside provide us with a constant reminder of the potential threats posed by climate change and pollution. As such we are conscious that we must do what we can to protect and enhance our environment; and be proactive in addressing these problems. That is why we both actively invest in industries and companies that we believe are directly helping to tackle this existential threat and we encourage all our investee companies to do what they can, in small ways and large, to address the issue.


Greyfriars has a zero-tolerance policy to discrimination in all its forms. We ensure our clients, partner and investee companies share the same outlook. Our workplace culture of respect and inclusion is one we try to export to our clients and investors.

For us, this culture begins in our own office and boardroom, making sure all our employees work in an environment they can be proud of with equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background.


Greyfriars adheres to all regulations and laws pertaining to our industry. We have no tolerance of corruption in any form and ensure our partners also subscribe to this ethos. We will not do business with anyone we believe has violated any laws or is known for corrupt practices. We carry out due diligence on any prospective investments to make sure our ethos will be properly reflected in our investee companies.