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About Greyfriars Investments

Greyfriars Investments Greyfriars Investments is an investment and advisory group that is opportunity led and stage agnostic but retains a strong culture of risk assessment and management.

Directed by a core team of proven entrepreneurial professionals; offering deep transactional and funding experience at all points of the capital structure to assist and support companies and their management in achieving their goals. Greyfriars draws on expertise that has been accumulated through multiple economic and market cycles over the last 25 years.

Greyfriars’ experience has been honed through structuring, funding, and managing growth businesses for over 50 distinct management teams and investor groups. Collectively the team have funded and managed in excess of £20bn of transactions across more than 100 companies.

Initially focussed on large scale principal finance structures across alternative asset classes including; Private Equity, Hospitality, Real Estate and Housebuilding. These skills were refocused during the post credit crunch period, where team members led the restructuring and recovery strategies in the key asset backed industries on behalf of financial institutions, and provided strategic advice to distressed debt funds to support their acquisition strategies.

The Greyfriars Team continues to apply this unique base of experience alongside its rigorous risk and opportunity assessment skillset to its current investment book of more than 80 investments.

The ongoing strategy is to continue to widen its capital base alongside like-minded investors to build an attractive, high-quality portfolio of assets that offers a balance of strong income generation and consistent capital appreciation.